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students' testimonials

Photo of Amelia

I am a dance teacher and I have taken Ballet classes for most of my life. I was struggling to find something else that challenged me...then I found Iris and Lotte Berk! Whilst I find the class a challenge and feel as though I have had a good work out, no prior knowledge or skills in pilates or Ballet are needed. Book a trial today - you’ll love it!"


Photo of Abi

"I’m so pleased to have finally found an exercise class which I actually look forward to going to! Lotte Berk classes offer a chance to push yourself physically, to tone and strengthen, without leaving you short of breath and sweating buckets. A wonderful teacher and a wonderful class I’m so glad I started."


Photo of Angela

"This is the only form of exercise that I have ever stuck with, and I love it! I find the exercise routines are superb for toning, defining & strengthening my body – giving me a flatter stomach, toned arms and legs, and raising my bottom a few inches – putting it back to where it should be!"


"I can now touch my toes without difficulty and feel more fit, energetic, supple and toned than ever before. My husband tells me I’m in ‘showroom condition’!! (he is biased of course!)"




Photo of Anne-Marie


"This is THE best exercise class for sculpting and improving body shape, it also improves flexibility and Iris is a terrific teacher"


"My body shape has changed and pretty much every body part is now firmer, slimmer and more defined. My clothes started to feel much looser after only a few classes.”

"As a former aerobic teacher and professional dancer I really found the perfect exercises that tone the body and strengthen the muscles in order to keep up elegance and posture. Nice people and a really professional teacher!"


Photo of Luisa

"I would highly recommend the classes to anyone looking to tone up, become fitter, stronger and more supple, and enjoy themselves in a very safe and supportive environment.”

The Lotte Berk Exercise Studio    MidRange House   Charlwoods Road   East Grinstead   West Sussex RH19 2HG

Telephone 01342 331919    iris@lotteberkeastgrinstead.co.uk